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STUNTGIRL - Reality Comedy Action Show

Filmed in 4K / 60fps

Vibrant Colors

Unconventional Angles

All to make the viewer feel they are right there

9 Episodes Filmed - Entire 1st Season

*Also formatted for 4K / 30fps and 1080p / 30fps







Rachel is a speaker on:

Schizophrenia / Understanding Schizophrenia

Mental Health Awareness

Childhood Schizophrenia


Coping Techniques

Embracing life and Being a Total Badass

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lil' broken star

Lil' Broken Star: Understanding Schizophrenia for Kids
is a book to help kids deal with hallucinations, depression, and mental disorders. 
Rachel Star talks with Lil' Star, her younger self, on what she is experiencing and how to overcome her monsters. 
Suggested for children and adults who are dealing with Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, and other Mental Illnesses/Disorders. 

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To See in the dark

The To See in the Dark: Hallucination and Delusion Journal is meant to be used as a tool to track hallucinations and delusions connected with various mental disorders. 

Documenting your hallucinations/delusions helps you take control of them. Nothing has ever taken away my hallucinations but I have been able to get used to them. They are always there... usually just chilling. -Rachel Star Withers, Schizophrenic

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Currently working on a schizophrenia poetry book, but as the poems progress so does the schizophrenia in the book taking you into the sanity of a mental disorder

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Rachel Star Withers

Hi, I'm Rachel

Featured on:

MTV's Ridiculousness

NBC's American Ninja Warrior

NBC's America's Got Talent

TruTV's World's Dumbest

TruTV's Top 20

SyFy's Insane or Inspired?

Whacked Out Sports

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I do have schizophrenia and for the normal world I guess you could say I'm insane.


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